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Tour: Mojo Monkeys – Swerve On
09/09/17 Mojo Monkeys in Los Angeles a beautiful location
Zeit: 8:00pm. we’re having a record release party saturday, september 9th at a beautiful private location, and you’re invited. details to follow. if you’d like to help out with the party, let us know. if you’d like to help us promote this new beauty of a record, we’d love that. we’ll be taking donations for a promotion budget, more on that later. you can forward this info to anyone you’d like, you can repost our facebook or twitter posts, but the best thing you can do is tell your friends about us. thank you so much for your support.
Tour: Mojo Monkeys – Swerve On in Europe Tour
10/19/17 Mojo Monkeys in Altnau, Thurgau S-KA Music Club
Zeit: 9:00pm. Adresse: Güttingerstrasse 1, 8595-Altnau. we’re happy to be back in Switzerland… S-KA is a very cool place for music in Altnau, Thurgau… close to the Bodensee y’all.
10/20/17 Mojo Monkeys in Rankweil, Vorarlberg Altes Kino Rankweil
Zeit: 9:00pm. Eintritt: € 16.60. Adresse: Bahnhofstrasse 30, 6830 Rankweil. very happy to play in Altes Kino Rankweil. one of the best live music venues in Vorarlberg, Austria. Karten kaufen
10/21/17 Mojo Monkeys in Rüthi, SG British Corner Pub
Zeit: 9:00pm. Eintritt: Kollekte. Adresse: Bahnhofstrasse 1, 9464-Rüthi, SG. glad to play again at the great British Corner Pub in Rheintal, Switzerland.
10/22/17 Mojo Monkeys in Fislisbach, Aargau House Concert in Fislisbach
Zeit: 5:00pm. Adresse: private. just ask if you’d like to come…. Mojo Monkeys acoustic swamp session at a great house concert in Fislisbach, close to Baden in county Aargau. let us know if you’d like to go and we’ll get you the address.
10/24/17 Mojo Monkeys in Eschen Little Big Beat Studios
Zeit: 7:00pm. Adresse: Essanestrasse 164, 9492-Eschen. Telefonnummer der Location: 0043 660 36 44 378. with our dear friend Beth Wimmer… we’ll play the new songs from her new album we just played on… then we’ll play a set and make you all dance.
10/27/17 Mojo Monkeys in Trübbach, SG Jonnys Lion Cave
Zeit: 7:00pm. Adresse: Hauptstrasse 79, 9477 Trübbach. glad to play our first time in the great rock pub, Jonnys Lion Cave… close to Sargans, in Trübbach, SG.
10/28/17 Mojo Monkeys in Schruns Private Party
Zeit: 8:00pm.
10/29/17 Mojo Monkeys in Wil Trinkstube zum Hartz
Zeit: 3:00pm. Adresse: Marktgasse 65, 9500-Wil, SG. Telefonnummer der Location: 071 911 0342. an afternoon gig. good excuse to start early on a sunday with drinkin and dancing! in sweet old-town Wil, county St Gallen.
11/01/17 Mojo Monkeys in Winterthur, ZH ESSE Music Bar
Zeit: 8:00pm. Adresse: Rudolfstrasse 4, 8400-Winterthur. Telefonnummer der Location: 052 202 5746. great to play here again, at Tom and Tom’s ESSE Musicbar, great venue in Winterthur, ZH.
11/02/17 Mojo Monkeys in Unterägeri Wilerbar, Seminarhotel
Zeit: 8:00pm. Adresse: Seestrasse 10, 6314-Unterägeri. back at it in Seminar Hotel, in Wilerbar. we love it here, so schön in Unterägeri.

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