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Tour: Mojo Monkeys – Swerve On
03/15/18 Mojo Monkeys in Tarrenz, AT Blueskaller – Gasthaus Sonne
Zeit: 8:30pm. Eintritt: 15.-€. Adresse: Hauptstrasse 32, A-6464 Tarrenz. happy to start our Swerve On spring 2018 tour in Austria… playing for our friends from the Art Club Imst – we’ll be laying it down for them in Blueskaller in the Gasthaus Sonne!
03/16/18 Mojo Monkeys in Berneck, SG Wein Berneck
Zeit: 8:00pm. Adresse: Rathausplatz 7a, 9442 Berneck, SG. kicking off our 2018 Swerve On in Switzerland spring tour. happy to do so at the great wine bar Wein Berneck in the Rhein Valley! our friend beth wimmer plays a support set.
03/17/18 Mojo Monkeys in Jenaz, GR Restaurant Landhaus Jenaz
Zeit: 7:00pm. Eintritt: 30-chf. Adresse: Hauptstrasse 91. 7233 Jenaz, GR. happy to be back at Madlene and Andy’s great restaurant and music hall in Prättigau, GR, Switzerland. fun people, amazing food – with delicious dinner, your entry fee is CHF 55.- dinner at 7pm. our show starts at 9pm. make your dinner reservation – 081 332 3232
03/19/18 Mojo Monkeys in Flawil, SG Restaurant Park, Monday Night Music im Park
Zeit: 8:00pm. Adresse: Bachstrasse 19, 9230-Flawil SG. Telefonnummer der Location: 071 393 4092. this night we’re playing as beth wimmer’s band — songs from beth’s new album Bookmark, which we all played on as well… great listening room at Restaurant Park’s Kulturkeller.
03/21/18 Mojo Monkeys in Chur, GR Werkstatt Chur
Zeit: 7:00pm. Eintritt: 20,-chf / 17.-chf. Adresse: Untere Gasse 9, 7000 Chur GR. Telefonnummer der Location: 081 525 4246. mojo monkeys love Chur. really happy to play in the great Werkstatt as part of the ‚folk club chur‘ series. our beth wimmer plays a support set for us in this beautiful music club.
03/22/18 Mojo Monkeys in Dornbirn, AT Conrad Sohm
Zeit: 8:00pm. Adresse: Boden 1, 6850 Dornbirn, Vorarlberg, Austria. catch our double-concert night with our good friends Stompin Howie & the Voodoo Train! we’re happy to be playing in Vorarlberg again.
03/23/18 Mojo Monkeys in Pontresina, GR Sporthotel Pontresina
Zeit: 9:30pm. Adresse: Via Maistra 145, 7504 Pontresina. happy to be back up in the mountains, playing for our friends in Pontresina in the Engadines at the Sporthotel! 9:30pm – 12:30am
03/24/18 Mojo Monkeys in Uster, ZH Country Festival Uster
Zeit: 6:00pm. Adresse: Reitplatzweg, 8610 Uster. playing Country Festival Uster with our dear friend Beth Wimmer, playing her songs from her brand new album and more…yeah. wir freuen uns.
03/29/18 Mojo Monkeys in Frauenfeld, TG Eisenbeiz
Zeit: 8:00pm. Adresse: Industriestrasse 23, 8500 Frauenfeld, TG. glad to play in Thurgau again for our friends at the great Eisenbeiz! reserve your table for dinner with our relaxing dinner music – 052 728 8989
03/30/18 Mojo Monkeys in Rüedisbach, Ferrenberg, BE Restaurant zum Wilde Maa
Zeit: 7:00pm. Eintritt: 30-chf / 70-chf. Adresse: Ferrenberg 250, 3474-Rüedisbach. Telefonnummer der Location: 034/415 11 61. looking forward to playing in this enchanting old restaurant in Ferrenberg, in county Bern. double show, beth wimmer plays a set before us… 70-chf gets you the concert plus a very fine 2-course dinner. doors 6:30pm, dinner 7pm, music starts 8:30pm.
03/31/18 Mojo Monkeys in Bern, Switzerland Radio RaBE Bern
Zeit: 10:00am. mojo monkeys live on air in downtown Bern, with DJ Samstag Morgen, on samstag morgen, 10:00am, march 31. hope we can get up in time.
03/31/18 Mojo Monkeys in Huttwil, BE Improvisorium
Zeit: 9:30pm. Eintritt: 20.-chf. Adresse: Hofmattstrasee 37a, 4950 Huttwil. our first time at Improvisorium in Huttwil. glad to be playing in county Bern. double-show with beth wimmer. doors open 8pm, music starts 9:30pm
04/01/18 Mojo Monkeys in Dornbirn, Austria Restaurant Bad Kehlegg
Zeit: 6:00pm. Adresse: Kehlegg 41. easter sunday in austria! happy to play again at the beautiful rustic house, Restaurant Bad Kehlegg, in the woods above Dornbirn, in Vorarlberg, Austria. great people, fantastic food and wine, and live musical mayhem from beth wimmer and yours truly, mojo monkeys. exact time (early evening), entry fee, menu info still to come…
04/02/18 Mojo Monkeys in Gossau, SG Restaurant Traube Mult
Zeit: 7:30pm. Adresse: Mult 130. 9200 Gossau, SG. our last show of this spring tour… easter monday at our friend’s great restaurant-barn concert room in Gossau, SG, Switzerland. looking forward to seeing our friends there for a farewell show!

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