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Tour: Mojo Monkeys – Swerve On in Europe Tour
03/21/19 Mojo Monkeys in Rankweil, Vorarlberg Altes Kino Rankweil
Zeit: 8:00pm. Eintritt: 15-€. Abendkasse: +43 5522 45387. Adresse: Bahnhofstrasse 30, 6830 Rankweil. stoked to play again in this beautiful venue in vorarlberg, austria.
03/22/19 Mojo Monkeys in Berneck, SG Wein Berneck
Zeit: 8:00pm. Abendkasse: 071 744 24 13. Adresse: Rathausplatz 7a, 9442 Berneck, SG. happy to play at this fine wine bar again in berneck in the rheintal. good people good fun here. Karten kaufen
03/27/19 Mojo Monkeys in Basel, BS Atlantis
Zeit: 8:00pm. Eintritt: 25.-CHF. Adresse: Klosterberg 13. Telefonnummer der Location: 061 228 9696. happy to play at Atlantis in Basel. been a long time since we’ve been here… cool our friends Second Cousins will play a support set.
03/29/19 Mojo Monkeys in Pontresina, GR Sporthotel Pontresina
Zeit: 9:30pm. Abendkasse: 081 838 94 00. Adresse: Via Maistra 145. we love this hotel, great people and bar. glad to play another swamp session here. Karten kaufen
03/30/19 Mojo Monkeys in Degersheim, SG Höfli Pub
Zeit: 8:00pm. Adresse: Bahnhofstrasse 8. Telefonnummer der Location: 071 371 2858. we’re glad for the invitation to play in Höfli Pub in Degersheim… looking forward to it.
04/02/19 Mojo Monkeys in Chur, GR Purple Groove Club
Zeit: 8:00pm. Eintritt: 25.-CHF. Adresse: Lürlibadstrasse 26. Telefonnummer der Location: 081 252 5258. mojo monkeys love chur. come dance with us in this groovy music bar.
04/03/19 Mojo Monkeys in Winterthur, ZH ESSE Music Bar
Zeit: 7:30pm. Abendkasse: 052 202 5746. Adresse: Rudolfstrasse 4, 8400-Winterthur. Telefonnummer der Location: 052 202 5746. happy to play again in the mighty fine ESSE Musicbar in Winterthur, right next to them train tracks…
04/04/19 Mojo Monkeys in Neuchâtel, NE Bar King
Zeit: 8:00pm. Adresse: Rue du Seyon 38. Telefonnummer der Location: 032 724 2707. our first time playing in the french part of Switzerland. Bar King is a great place to start…
04/05/19 Mojo Monkeys in Nyon, VD Bar de la Ferme
Zeit: 8:00pm. Adresse: Rue Neuve 6, 1260-Nyon. glad to be invited to play in Bar de la Ferme, ‚Club Privé‘ on this night. another french date, oui.
04/06/19 Mojo Monkeys in Bern, BE Mahogany Hall
Zeit: 8:30pm. Adresse: Klosterlistutz 18, 3000-Bern. Telefonnummer der Location: 031 331 60 00. looking forward to playing this excellent music hall in bern!

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