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Tour: Mojo Monkeys – Swerve On in Europe Tour
10/21/17 Mojo Monkeys in Rüthi, SG British Corner Pub
Zeit: 9:00pm. Adresse: Bahnhofstrasse 1, 9464-Rüthi, SG. glad to play again at the great British Corner Pub in Rheintal, Switzerland.
10/22/17 Mojo Monkeys in Fislisbach, Aargau House Concert in Fislisbach
Zeit: 4:00pm. Adresse: private. just ask if you’d like to come…. Mojo Monkeys acoustic swamp session at a great house concert in Fislisbach, close to Baden in county Aargau. let us know if you’d like to go and we’ll get you the address.
10/24/17 Mojo Monkeys in Eschen Little Big Beat Studios
Zeit: 7:00pm. Adresse: Essanestrasse 164, 9492-Eschen. Telefonnummer der Location: 0043 660 36 44 378. with our dear friend Beth Wimmer… we’ll play the new songs from her new album we just played on… then we’ll play a set and make you all dance.
10/25/17 Mojo Monkeys in Chur Barbar
Zeit: 8:00pm. Eintritt: 10.-chf. Adresse: Poststrasse 5. Telefonnummer der Location: 079 656 2820. hey we’re happy to play in Chur, probably our favorite city in Switzerland.
10/27/17 Mojo Monkeys in Trübbach, SG Jonnys Lion Cave
Zeit: 8:00pm. Eintritt: 15.-chf. Adresse: Hauptstrasse 79, 9477 Trübbach. glad to play our first time in the great rock pub, Jonnys Lion Cave… close to Sargans, in Trübbach, SG.
10/28/17 Mojo Monkeys in Nenzing Private Party
Zeit: 8:00pm. glad to play for a good friend’s company party!
10/29/17 Mojo Monkeys in Wil Trinkstube zum Hartz
Zeit: 4:00pm. Adresse: Marktgasse 65, 9500-Wil, SG. Telefonnummer der Location: 071 911 0342. an afternoon gig. good excuse to start early on a sunday with drinkin and dancing! in sweet old-town Wil, county St Gallen.
11/01/17 Mojo Monkeys in Winterthur, ZH ESSE Music Bar
Zeit: 8:00pm. Adresse: Rudolfstrasse 4, 8400-Winterthur. Telefonnummer der Location: 052 202 5746. great to play here again, at Tom and Tom’s ESSE Musicbar, great venue in Winterthur, ZH.
11/02/17 Mojo Monkeys in Unterägeri Wilerbar, Seminarhotel
Zeit: 8:00pm. Adresse: Seestrasse 10, 6314-Unterägeri. back at it in Seminar Hotel, in Wilerbar. playin with our friend, beth wimmer. so schön in Unterägeri.
Tour: Mojo Monkeys – Swerve On
11/03/17 Mojo Monkeys in Dornbirn, Austria Restaurant Bad Kehlegg
Zeit: 8:00pm. Abendkasse: 0043 5572 36398. Adresse: Kehlegg 41. playing with beth wimmer in a beautiful historic location in vorarlberg, western austria.
11/04/17 Mojo Monkeys in Weinfelden Richbee’s Whisky & Wine
Zeit: 8:00pm. Adresse: Bahnhofstrasse 20. playing with beth wimmer on our last night in switzerland. glad it’s at Richbee’s. gorgeous whisky bar.

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